Kvanto is a booking platform for professional services in Lithuania. In one central place you can find and book the services that you need. The website is mainly a marketplace but also allows users to exchange their expert knowledge.

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What we have created

Since Kvanto has been built for professionals and their potential clients, we focused on each individual and developed a modular user database. This is the foundation of our lightning fast search engine that dominates kvanto's startpage, where users can quickly find services, professions, offers and names.

Professionals need a place to present themselves and their services, and the same time a place where they can be booked. We combined both into one reservation page that contains basic information, a personal photo, the service description, price and recommendations of others. Photos and videos make the reservation page more appealing. Right below the profile, clients find the calendar and can instantly book a time slot.

The calendar became a separate system by itself. Each user owns a calendar for bookings. Business users can set times when they are not available or decide to set exlusive hours being available.

Each calendar can be easily integrated into Google and Outlook calendar. On the other hand we made sure that professionals can integrate their own Google Calendar into the Kvanto calendar, so that clients can see when they are not available, avoiding schedule conflicts to 100 %.

As soon as a client books a professional, he can handle the time of the appointment. We established a time management system for appointments, making it easy to change, accept or reject booking times. If an appointment gets rejected, the system will automatically inform other professionals in this field to take over the appointment.

Money always matters, especially for business people. To ensure they get paid, we integrated a payment system into kvanto, partnering with the famous payment service provider PaySera.

Before a client is booking a service, he wants to know where the service is located. To provide a solution, we integrated Google Maps and calculate the distance between client and professional as well as the driving time.

To give each professional more individuality, we introduced subdomains for reservation pages. Now each professional can pick a custom Kvanto subdomain, for example "marius.kvanto.lt".

We realized that many professionals have their own websites, which, however, usually offer only a contact form and nothing more. Our team had a fantastic idea to enhance those contact pages: The Booking Button! Professionals can now add a Kvanto reservation button to their own websites or even on their Facebook pages.

During our test phase we received requests of professionals who wanted to promote their special offers. For instance a photographer wanted to offer a wedding package for a fixed price. We eventually integrated a solution that allows all service providers to advertise special offers with separate prices. Those special offers foster sales and are advertisement at one go.

Furthermore, clients told us that they sometimes cannot find specific services. For such cases, we created a separate section for service inquiries where clients can describe their problem with photos and professionals enter a price quote. After a certain timespan, the client can choose the best quote.

To grow the community we added a proposal page to Kvanto. With this feature, every user can propose new professionals and motivate them to participate as new Kvanto members.

Reputation and expertise are very imporant because they create trust. So how do we reflect them at Kvanto? Straight away, we included a recommendation option into each user profile. And to let professionals show their expertise, we set up a community forum for exchange and helping others, offering point system by votings and good answers as well as rewards. Using the exchange forum people also come together and get to know each other.

To complete the possibilities, we also introduced a section with business interviews so that professionals can present themselves and inspire others.

Final Results

We are proud to have created a solution for one of those problems everyone faces every day. Since the project is brand-new, we are curious if the Lithuanian society will see the high value in this new ecosystem. 

In addition, we developed the entire software to be multilingual, that means it can be used to establish such marketplaces in other countries too. If you are an investor, feel free to contact us about opportunities to scale the project. 

With Kvanto we pioneered and provided an answer to a formerly unsolved problem. 


Kai Noack

Kvanto.lt Founder

“When I first came to Lithuania I could not find the service providers I needed, such as photographers, craftsmen, hairdressers etc. To solve this problem and to make it possible to find professionals easily, I have founded www.kvanto.lt - a service platform where you can purchase services instantly.”

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