The Limarko Group is one of the biggest shipping and logistic companies in the Baltic States. It owns six container ships, several trucks for heavy and oversized transportation, operates warehouses and manages the harbor of Klaipeda, the only seaport in Lithuania. Their clients range from manufacturers of power stations, ships and engines, to oil and heavy industries worldwide.

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The Beginning

When we first met the Limarko president, Vytautas Lygnugaris, he wanted to improve and optimize his recent website for a better reach with clients. We could support him with our advice and expertise. He asked for a complete redesign, establishing a professional B2B online presence. And yes, we were ready and happy to help. The initial challenge was to rethink the existing content: Dropping the concept of only presenting the Limarko companies to instead showcasing all the services that they perform. Why? Because potential clients who visit their site want to know about services firsthand, they want to know what Limarko can do for them and what projects they already did for other clients.

Great people we have worked with

Vytautas Lygnugaris, Igoris Uba, Kestutis Kairys, Saulius Laumenis, Justas Kairys

What we achieved

The “redesign” of the website was a complete new build, creating a unique web design from scratch and providing a new structure for content.

The new design contains beautiful graphical elements and icons created especially for Limarko by our designers, supporting the entire look and feel of the website and inviting visitors to find out more about Limarko. The user experience is very positive, because potential clients get a better picture of the services they can expect from the company.

The site became multilingual supporting English, Lithuanian and Russian languages for main target audiences fo the company.

All content from old website was migrated, tested, improved, and arranged into new information structure.

We created an eye-catching, responsive mobile version of the website. This is a big plus for the web experience of visitors, since more and more people are using mobile devices globally.

The management got a separate page where visitors and clients can get to know and contact the main decision-makers behind Limarko.

A section for business news and project gallery were created. Visitors learn here about activities the company is doing recently. Furthermore the company's website receives a substantial boost for the online positioning in search engines like Google (SEO).

We used a modern technique to play a beautiful video in fullscreen on the main page to immerse visitors. This helps to understand the offered services and the scale of the company. The video features nice drone footage of Limarko's ships, trucks, crane installations etc. in action.

Besides the brand-new website architecture, we also developed a back-end solution (also called a content management system or short CMS). The CMS allows all staff members at Limarko to easily manage the content on their website.

The new Limarko website displays information comfortably in smartphones, tablets, laptops and high resolution screens. It increases usability for visitors who are on the go and need to find information fast. It is also an advantage for Limarko's positioning in search engines too, since Google ranks mobile-friendly websites higher.

All goals met in time

Usually, business websites are developed within two to three months - or even longer depending on the size of the company, its internal structure, the number of stakeholders, the services and the feature requests set at the beginning of the project. With our team we evaluated the time needed to establish the high quality requirements of the project - and succeeded in the time set. We exactly finished the website at the day agreed upon. And even better: The entire Limarko team was extremely delighted about the outcome.

This is possible because all members of our team have 10+ years of experience which makes them the right people to meet exact deadlines with 100 % goal achievement and full quality assurance. 

Final Results

Our goal was that all visitors of the new website can find the required information fast and easily. We created an intuitive interface, following the principle that most systems work best if they are kept simple for the user rather than made complicated.

The new look and feel of the website stands out and creates a unique online presence for Limarko. You can feel the love and passion given to the project while surfing the site.

The Limarko board was very satisfied with the final result and the development process. We fully reached the expectations placed in us.




Vytautas Lygnugaris

Limarko President

“It is a pleasure to work with Kai and his team. They immediately understood our needs and created an excellent online presence for our company.”

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